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Siam Celadon Tea Shop

Siam Celadon Tea Shop, Thapae Road

One of my favourite past-times here in Chiang Mai is to find different and quaint Tea Shops across the city.  To my delight I was lucky enough to find the Siam Celadon Tea Shop which is situated in Thapae Road, the address is 158 Thapae Road, T Chang Moi, Muang District, telephone number 053234518 or 05234519. It is quite easy to find, if you start off at Thapae Gate beside the moat, go past Starbucks on the corner and continue down the road(against traffic), you will then find it on the left hand side - about a five minute walk.

 I nipped in one day a couple of years ago with a friend for refreshments.  The entrance of this beautiful elegant building houses a fabulous collection of Siam celadon and earthenware for customers to buy. Celadon, which the tea shop is named after, is a pale jade green glazed type of ceramics, invented in ancient China.  We spent quite a bit of time looking at the wonderful cups, saucers, plates and bowls for sale including embroidered silk cushions and other soft furnishings.

 Situated at the back of the building is a beautiful garden where tea and light snacks are served.  You can if you wish eat inside but we decided to eat outside, enjoying the sunshine and the wonderful assortment of plants, flowers and trees.   There was a choice of black, green or Chinese tea but we opted for Thai herbal tea choosing from roselle, ginger, lemongrass, chrysanthemum and chamomile flavours.  The herbal teas are absolutely delicious as they are manufactured at source at Raming Farm, in the north of Thailand watershed hills.

Freshly made sandwiches, light healthy meals and delicious ice cream are available at extremely reasonable prices.   My friend decided to have home made scones and as I was feeling peckish, so I chose the sandwiches.

 The staff were polite and friendly and quickly brought over our tea including snacks, for us to enjoy in this most relaxing atmosphere.  The garden is so quiet and serene that you would never think that just outside is one of Chiangmai’s busiest roads where there is a constant flow of traffic.  Prices are reasonable and the selection of food, teas, soft drinks and milk shakes on offer is quite substantial.


For those people who are interested in this type of information, and this certainly includes me, the building received an award for excellence in artistic conservation from HRH Princess Sirinthorn in 2004.   The Raming Tea House Siam Celadon was built on the banks of the Mae Kha Stream (saddly now nothing more than a drainage ditch*)  in 1915 and is a large two storey teak building.  The airy and spacious central atrium is a focal point of this beautiful old building and has a vaulted roof allowing cool breezes to flow through.   The family building was opened on August 1st 2003 as a tea house of excellence and has since gained a reputation as a fine establishment.


This beautiful tea house is open daily from 9.30 a.m. until 6.00 p.m. which gives plenty of time for customers to enjoy a fabulous tea and a light snack, in magnificent surroundings.  I have visited on many occasions, so why don’t you?


* (added by editor)

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