Geang Care Gai

(Chicken & mixed vegetables with a northern spices)

 Chicken breast  200 gr.
 Mixed Vegetables  200 gr.
(long bean, Bamboo shoot, Cha-om, Cha-plu, Egg plants, basil)
 Red chili  10 gr.
 Fish sauce  1 Tsp.
 Vegetable oil  20 gr.
 Chicken Stock  2 cups

Method: Sauteed Northern Red Curry in Vegetable oil with very low beat then
add chicken fish sauce and chicken stock. Bring it to broiled then
add all mixed vegetables with egg plant and bamboo shoot first after
finish put into clay pot garnished with julienne red chili and served
with steamed jasmine rice.

Recipe compliments of Citric Restaurant a surprisingly good restaurant in the NOVOTEL

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