Mee Krob

 Yentafo sauce 250 g.
Pager 250 g.
Sugar 250 g.
Vinegar 1/4 btl
Soya bean sauce 1/4 btl.
Rice noodles 250 g.
Pork liver 250 g.
 Yellow bean curd 2 pcs.
Kuichai 125 g.
Bean Sprout 125 g.
Red chilli 100 g.
Pickled garlic 125 g.
Lemon1 pc.
Egg 2

Fry rice noodles to be crisp. Make sticky sauce by simmer yentafo sauce, pazair, sugar, vinegar, soya bean sauce on low fire, Mixed crisp rice noodles with sticky sauce, Decorated with slice pork liver, yellow bean curd, kuichai, bean sprout, red chill), pickled garlic, lemon and omelet.

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