Measuring for a Mens shirt and pants

1. Collar

2. Across Chest : All way around

3.Across Sholders

4. Sleave lenght

5. If short sleave desired width

6. wrist : plus 2 inches

7. Lengh to waist: top of sholder to waist for long sleaves

8: Shirt lenght: top of sholder to desired lenght of shirt

9. Waist: measurment:


1. Waist:

2. Around largest part of butt.

3. Cuff opening desired if shorts

4. Around knee desired width

5. Cuff opening desired at knee or bottom cuff

6.Lenght: to knee

7. Leg lenght: waist to cuff

8. Crouch: from top of waist through crouch to top of waist band at back. (Not shown)

Copyrighted 1998

With these measurement a proper custom tailored Thai dress will be possible.

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