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Tips and ideas that have often been asked about Thai weddings.

As provided by this site.

What is a good monk offerings:
It would be appreciated by any monk that your offering would include something special from your home country. Ie fruit leather, home preserves or local produced food goods. The monks live on a basic diet so variety is always appreciated. As well as the thought and the effort. You will be offering normally 9 monks food during their traditional morning begging rounds (Not too heavy or large please) and 1 at temple. As is expected in Thai culture for couples wishing good karma and happiness in their life together.

You will be blessed at a temple by a very well respect senior monk as well, so don't forget him.

Can I get involved in some aspects? Thai weddings start really early and if you partake in the experience fully it will be more rewarding and you will experience a more true Thai experience, so tell us if, you want to be evolved in some of the preparations for your wedding. Like the preparing of the monk offerings , going to the market and go see the traditional Thai flower arrangements being made, or help make some of the fruit offeringss.But be sure to "just hang out with your (new Thai) family" as one does at Thai weddings - be part of the family as that is how a Thai wedding is.

Can I choose my own Thai Menu?
IF you want you can choose your own luncheon or dinner menu. Please remember that we are not near the ocean but other than that we will make almost any Thai or northern Thai dish. See example

Can we have a small wedding website? Yes, some digital weddings photos and we can send a link to a list of your friends emails the very day you get married.It is great teaser for them to see before you arrive home.

Can I help promote you? YES! We would like to thank all our friends from past weddings for all the support and promotion they have given us. Please keep it up I want to send my daughters to university!

Do I need to do any paperwork if I don't want to register our wedding in Thailand? No there is no need to unless you want to register it here.


A list of "better not to". Thai culture way is not to tell you "don't", So you must think in order not to offend.
Better not to remove the strings from your wrists for a few days. It is said the longer you leave them on the better life you will have together. (Tracy 8 months and still on at time of writing this. PS Congratulations on the new house.) Thai people will treat you with great respect and know you are newly weds.
Better not to remove the dots from your heads till later. So expect they will be a conversation topic on your wedding album for years to come. Request the photographer for more formal wedding photos the next day or the day before if you like.
Better not to forget to sleep with the flower arrangement on your wedding night. Bring long happiness in the bedroom it is said.
Better not to point your feet and anyone.. Just rude
Better not to touch a monk if your a lady. Just not done.
Better not to wear shorts while traveling it is considered low class attire. If you don't wear shorts, the Thai people will treat you with much respect and make your trip a more Thai experience an a tourist trip.


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