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 Myself and my daughters.



Why we are qualified to do Thai Weddings

Our qualifications for saying we know about Thai weddings:

I personally have been in the wedding business for over a decade as the owner of Canna cards.
We are the first and largest wedding boutique in Chiang Mai! With over 95% of our clients being Thai families.

I have been offering our services for destination weddings for only four years now, since we were frequently asked by families to help with "mixed" and foreign couples weddings,as I speak English and Thai and really do know about Thai weddings. I fell into doing more and more "destination weddings".

We know Lanna* weddings well, as I too was married in a real Lanna Style ceremony some dozen years ago and have helped with organizing hundreds since.... no exaggeration! In the past we have helped arrange Thai weddings, down south and in the east, but now with two small children, I no longer am willing (able) to do weddings so far from home. Some of my clients are surprised to learn that the same man that preformed my knot tying ceremony is often the same one that is doing theirs. Some times my mom (age 75) even comes to offer her advice as an elder to the newly weds, she only speaks northern Thai dialect, but I translate for her and most of the elders. It is a real wedding, I promise you!

Why I started doing "Destination Thai Weddings":
Being married to the web master of, he was often asked "how can we get married while on holiday in Thailand". We always recommended some sound advise on how to "do it all yourself" and still do. The feedback was that it would have been much better and a lot easier, to have had an in country professional wedding co-ordinator. To save them the headaches of the legal end and provide the wedding. So I finally offered my services on his website. Now I have my very own website. With the help of my husband a one of our past brides. See Suzanne's company site here!

Here my goal is to offer a real alternative to the tacky "tourist wedding packages" that were offered through the tourist industry, but real Thai weddings like Thai couples have. Particularly Lanna style Thai weddings. So for some years now, I have been organizing authentic Thai destination weddings for westerners.

Why I feel qualified to deal with Westerners:
I am an northern Thai, born in Chiang Mai.
I finished college and worked for a western missionary family as a nanny. There I truly learnt a love of my culture, and attained an understanding of western cultures.
My English is better than most Thai tour guides, however I'm sorry to say it isn't perfect! I learnt English from a Canadian eh!
I love helping people and explaining my culture to and sharing it with them.


Most important is what our couples say about us!

What the Press says about us!


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