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We are based in Chiang Mai as it is our home.

We have been in the computer design business since before there was Thai fonts for Windows so you know we are experienced. There was a clear need for quality wedding invitations in Chiang Mai, since we where seeking some for our marriage some decades ago. We said then, if we ever get time, we will do a wedding invitations line. It started some 5 years later, when asked by friends to "help!" as they didn't like any cards they could find in Chiang Mai.

We knew we where going to Bangkok on other business, so we offered to get them there as a present. After visiting the few quality producers the results where sad, they either decided we where there to steal their customers, so they didn't help us or they didn't think it was worth their time to send them up country, when they where finished. This amazed us, as it is our company belief "if you help your clients, they help you grow".

So that was it, we would design thier wedding invitations and others and offer them to or client base in Chiang Mai. In time we found others new designers we liked the work of and offered theirs too, as we feel each style was different and suited diffent couples.

We now offer you a diverse line of "Wedding Invitiations" on the net, so no matter where you live in Thailand, we can help you with your wedding needs.

As well, we now carry a line of souvieners and guest books availiable on line.

The Team @ Thailand Weddings



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