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This is the first web based wedding boutique in Thailand to offer a fine assortment of Thai wedding invitations and wedding souvenirs available on line. We have years of experience in the wedding supply field which assures you quality work at a fair price.



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They can be printed in Thai, English, French or German at no extra cost.

There is no need to have a "Credit Card" to order our cards or gifts, you may order on line and direct deposit in one of our bank accounts or send us a postal order. We find many client do not choose to us their cards on line, so we have make it easy as possible to order. Place the order and we will send you a email copy of the of the wording as you will see it on the card, after checking the wording. Send us confirmation of your order and payment receipt or just charge them to your credit card and we will print and mail the cards to you EMS and within 5 days, you will be handing your beautiful announcements to friends and family delight.